“The repetitive nature of prefabbing cuts down on the amount of work needed to be performed in the field, and the controlled environment in which prefabbing takes place means greater productivity creating assemblies, less time spent on-site and a more cost-effective project,” he said. Printable. “The contractor must examine its current staffing, tools and facilities and then, if deciding to perform prefab work in house, must hire or train a person or staff to plan prefab activities, establish the appropriate prefab shop space, and ensure that the shop has the right tools and equipment,” he said. There’s far less material handling on-site and the preassembled electrical components are shipped out in a complete fashion,” Washebek said. The company prefabs outlet boxes, conduit bends for both power and low-voltage applications, temporary power units, larger precut cables and wires, and precut Unistrut racks for conduit runs. Don Stockton, executive vice president, Baker Electric Inc., Des Moines, Iowa, said prefabrication’s effect on scheduling is another benefit of its use. Discussions include how long cable runs need to be, mounting methods, material acquisition needs and how assemblies should be packaged, shipped and identified.

“Discussions, however, need to be held with the local workforce to determine if prefabbing is allowed in the jurisdiction,” Moeller said. Electrical Contractor Magazine, The Letter of the Law: Bidding per the specifications, redux, Training in a COVID-19 World: Meeting students’ needs with online education, Power Partially Restored After Hurricane Laura, When You Win, Do You Prevail? F: +44 (0)1634 673173, © 2018 All Things Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved, ECA urges electrical checks in social housing, Cable Management For Nuclear Power Station, JIB looks to build on long-term strategic priorities after decisive response to coronavirus, Half of public sector bodies not planning for net zero carbon, Select Introduces New Conditional Membership Level, BCIA Announces Winner of Schoolz Out Competition, New EVSE kits cut the cost of coming back, Schneider Electric launches new APC Easy Rack PDU family, JTL celebrates 30 years of training people, Edison Lighting Direct announces two new lighting products. Lemberg Electric Co. Inc., Brookfield, Wis., established its prefabrication shop three years ago after president Dave Washebek learned of its value at various peer group meetings. “Some areas are very traditional and have not performed a lot of shop prefabrication, requiring that the contractor develop a plan that will enable it to effectively work well with the local workforce.”. However, since it doesn’t take highly skilled craftsmen for simpler, prefabbed installations, it can be demonstrated that prefabbing frees up the skilled labor pool to work on more sophisticated, complex projects. After falling out of popularity, it is re-emerging thanks to the rise of building information modeling (BIM) and the influence of green building, according to McGraw-
Hill Construction. “It is important to remember that you are building a miniature manufacturing facility that requires manufacturing, rather than field, equipment,” Washebek said.

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