Make an effort to be fresh, try new things, take risks, make mistakes, enjoy the moment. These are the true teaching techniques that keep their heads up, hearts open, and minds buzzing. When I first ventured into online teaching, I was skeptical about the idea and feared that it would flop due to my lack of experience.But I knew that my students were comfortable learning over the internet and I wanted to use it for their benefit. In my experience, most students appreciate being given more responsibility and autonomy and respond with enthusiasm and respect. Here are 5 ways to create engaging classes online: Sherry has been teaching ESL for six years. Some of my best teachers were the ones who were a bit quirky and fun, whilst still conveying key facts.

So, I asked a few online teachers what they do to keep their classes interactive and fun. “This is because the inquiry approach is based on student choice.”. They were well respected and the class also behaved because they enjoyed the lesson. Thank you! Let loose; laugh; make fun of yourself. I think, we teachers sometimes get into such a routine and think that since we have always done things a certain way that we should continue for convenience sake.

Your students do the test while having fun. All it takes is one student with an agenda to end what could have been a phenomenal career. You might consider sending students on WebQuests before the next scheduled class. Thanks for your suggestion about being a student and lto let my students grade me! Divine says: March 5 2018 at 7:55 pm. The flexibility starts when we unpack the event to see how it might relate to the course of study, and more often than not, it does! I found this article useful and I agree with you that if we are enthusiastic, it will make the students more interested. While it may not be easy to incorporate inquiry-based learning at all grade levels and for all subjects, teachers can encourage all students to be curious and ask questions. While it may not be easy to incorporate inquiry-based learning at all grade levels and for all subjects, teachers can encourage all students to be curious and ask questions. I truly love your content. In his books and workshops, Doug Lemov talks about what pace to move around the room, what language to use when praising a student, how to adjust the angle of your head to let students know you’re looking at them. © Open Colleges 2020-2026. Teaching trends rise in popularity and then fall out of fashion. So, It will become difficult to handle a class and Students would become careless in studies. Inquiry-based learning online could be one way to do this. Thanks for these tips. Sometimes students tend to receive your person before they want to receive your lesson. We’ve even had our moments, recognising that flash of interest in our students’ eyes, smiling as the bell rings because the energy is so high and no one wants the period to end. Please rethink this idea. In our world today, inviting students to your home opens doors for too many opportunities to be accused of something negative. Thanks for the updates it has really improved my teaching skills. We all love to see our students active and engaged in class. These contain four components, if you include the headphones and ignore the antenna. This piece of advice is targeted towards teachers with younger students. How do we extend these moments? 1. Makes me feel that I am a really good teacher. In other words, play games with a clear learning objective in mind. If students watch lectures or correct their own homework the night before, you can spend the course period focusing on deeper learning. I agree with everything. It really depends upon who your students are. You can still stand up and move around.
The ‘interrupted teaching’ might start from a students comment about a news report, or event they witnessed the day prior….. Open Colleges Pty Ltd ABN 61 000 011 692 Provider Number 90796 | Integrated Care & Management Training Pty Ltd ABN 82 003 899 527 Provider Number 90197 | YourLife Health & Learning Inc t/a Open Colleges School of Health ABN 39 742 730 429 RTO 40049 CRICOS Provider 03733E, Giving Student Feedback: 20 Tips To Do It Right, Free Online Courses: Top 50 Sites to Get Educated for Free, 21 Ways to Check for Student Understanding, 30 Things You Can Do To Promote Creativity, How Peer Teaching Improves Student Learning and 10 Ways To Encourage It. With all of the child safety concerns you need to completely revisit it.

I’ve been a teachers assistant in Madrid for 2 years and the best teachers are self aware and interested in their students.

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