(Around the age of 6 months, you’ll see that these cats will start to become much more full of energy and get around with ease at this point. Keep an eye out for significant or sudden behavior or health changes, but try not to hover, as your Siamese may prefer attention on their terms. Do Bengal Cats Run Away - Dealing With Roaming Pets. One of the most fascinating facts about Siamese kittens is their color only develops after they're born.
Chocolate points take their name from the milk chocolate coloring found on the legs, tail, face and ears.

Also, this is the time that you’ll see their sniffer begin to work as well. If you want a laid-back lap cat, then this is not the kitten for you. Well you're in luck, because here they come. Don’t worry, as this is just a part of who they are. When you bring home your new Siamese kitten, you might be surprised at how affectionate, attentive, and full of personality it is. Cat ownership is more... Hi there, and welcome to FAQCats. Socialization is vital at this point for a newborn kitty, so you must meet it with playfulness and love. This enzyme is heat sensitive and becomes active in cooler areas of the skin, resulting in dark coloration (points) in the coolest parts of the cat’s body. Cats that feature a white or even light-colored coat on them and other features such as dark paws have been around for quite some time, even centuries. Great ways to keep their brains busy and productive are with: As your Siamese cat matures, they will become more relaxed and mellow. One primary concern is poor eyesight in the dark.

The brown fades into cream on the rest of the body. However, a genetic mutation of this gene restricts coloring to the cats' extremities, including the facial mask, legs and tail. These two types are traditional and modern.

Reaching the ages of beyond 16 is truly a blessing for a Siamese cat. Their body is bluish-white, it is a cold color that would disappear on the stomach and chest. Read our Cookie Policy. Another important vet visit should happen by five months of age.
As the cat grows old, the color of the coat becomes darker. However, it’s essential to feed your Siamese cat its own designated food, especially cat food that is specifically designed to meet their nutritional needs. At Fairy Dust Cattery, I show in The Cat Fanciers' Association exclusively, so I am only showing examples of the four accepted Siamese colors for CFA. These factors include: Now that you’ve got an understanding of the complete Siamese cat timeline, let’s look at a few historical facts and how the cat is viewed in the modern age. Each type has its own uniqueness to them. This coloration tends to develop more slowly than others. Some of the most popular pop culture Siamese cat icons include: Welcome to FAQCats! Consistency is critical to make sure that they maintain their happiness levels, even at this stage in their lives. This is a weird transition period for them, as they aren’t quite an adult, but are growing out of their kitten phases. Adult Siamese is also quite clingy with their owners and will tend to follow their human parents all over the house.

They may not also deal well with strangers, due to how protective and territorial they can be. Also, you’ll need to make an effort to still spend ample time with them, just as you did with when they were babies. Siamese kittens come in four standard colors according to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) breed standard. No worries, a lot of cats today are living well into their early 20s. Certain content that appears on FAQcats.com comes from Amazon Services LLC. Owning a Siamese cat will bring you years of joy, as they are beautiful creatures full of personality and an innate desire for attention.

According to the CFA, it may take as a long as a year for color points to develop in a color pointed breed. There is no concrete way to tell just how long your kitty will live for, but you can always have tasks you can do to ensure your cat’s longevity and healthy lifestyle.

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