What is your photography style? And your approach to wedding photography?


My style can be defined as natural, elegant and creative. I tend to focus more on the spontaneous moments that happen throughout the day. Every wedding is unique and I will get fully involved to tell your story in a personalized way and in which you can see yourself reflected so you can relive this special day every time you see the photos.

We don't like to pose. What do we do?


I don't like posed photography either. Don't worry, I won't make you pose. I will go as unnoticed as possible and capture every moment in the most natural way. And if we have to pose at some point, we will make it fun.

What equipment do I use?


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I use professional Canon equipment, a Mark IV and a Mark III cameras, as well as always the best quality lenses and two flashes. I always carry two memory cards simultaneously in each camera, this allows me to make an automatic backup of all the photos I take, to have your memories twice saved.

How long in advance should we make the reservation?


The sooner the better! Almost all weddings are concentrated on the same days of the year and I don't like to say: "Sorry, I already have a reservation for this Saturday in June."

When will you receive the photos?


You will receive the photographs at the latest 2 months after the wedding day. Also, I always love to give you a little preview of about 10 photos, one or two days after your wedding. When the photos are ready they will be available in high resolution digital format in a private online gallery that you can even share with friends and family.

Why is the pre-wedding session so important?


Although, our first meeting will allow us to get to know each other a little better, this photo session will allow you to know how I work. In addition, for many, it involves putting yourself in front of a camera for the first time, which in some cases can be a bit embarrassing, especially at first. This session will allow you to know what to do in front of the camera and we will get to know which side you like the most and how you feel more comfortable so the wedding day goes more natural and fluid.

How far do you travel?


I will go wherever your love story takes me. I have photographed weddings both within Spain and abroad. For weddings outside the Community of Madrid, Barcelona or A Coruña, travel and accommodation fees will apply, if necessary.

Is a second photographer necessary?


I usually work alone and I feel very comfortable, even so, at weddings with more than 200 guests it is highly recommended to bring a second photographer. It is also a good option if you have in mind to change clothes in different places or you want photos of different angles and more material.

Your day is unique and unrepeatable and happens at high speed, with a second photographer we will guarantee a much more complete report.

Do you choose the photos for the album?


We do it together. You choose between 30 and 50 images and I complete them with others to create a balanced and magical story. When the album design is ready I send it to you for approval. Once you are happy with the design I send it to the printer and it gets delivered in approximately 15-18 days.


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