Why use Pic-Time?

7 reasons you should try it if you haven’t done it yet.

What’s Pic-Time?

Pic-Time is an online workspace for photographers where you can store and share your galleries with clients but it also offers marketing tools that will help you boost your online sales. I have used Pic-Time for over 2 years and I cannot be happier. I will tell you a little bit more about my experience. I will give you some of the reasons you should try it out:


1. Clean & minimal design

Pic-Time helps you present your work in a elegant, clean & professional way. Their galleries are beautiful and customizable. You can choose from multiple cover layouts and background colors in order to match your gallery with your brand. You can also modify the size and grid space in between the photos.

pic-time espanol herramientas fotografos lara onac photography


2. Uploader: Drag & Drop

The uploader allows you to upload your photos and send galleries to your client in a few minutes. I specially like the “drag & drop” function which allows you to drag a folder with subfolders straight into the browser. The scenes will be created using the subfolder’s names. Once this is done you can continue working while the uploader finishes the process.


3.  JPG optimization

Pic-Time’s uploader will automatically compress the size of the JPEGs while preserving the resolution and quality of the photos. I find this particularly convenient for clients and also for photographers since the downloads will be faster and it will help us save storage space. TIP: I always save a web-resolution version of all my projects and thanks this tool these files are optimized without needing another app.


4. Integrated online store

This is very convenient. You will have the opportunity to sell printed product within your galleries either using Pic-Time’s partner labs or using the self-fulfill option and using your own. There are multiple products available within the system, from prints to calendars. If you enable this option, you will allow clients and other visitors to buy printed products with their photos in an easy and fast way.

pic-time espanol herramientas fotografos lara onac photography



5. Slideshow integration

This feature is awesome. Being able to embed slideshows into the Pic-Time was a game changer for me. Clients can now view their slideshow and photos directly in the same place. Happy clients, happy photographer!


6. Marketing tools

On this aspect, Pic-Time is way ahead of its competitors. The marketing tools offer targeted email campaigns using data collected within the platform. I have to confess that using the sales automation apps have been an amazing way for me to boost my online sales.  Through the apps you can offer your clients a promo code for a limited time or even the option to pay for their own gallery hosting. There are tons of possibilities for each business model. In another post I will talk more in detail about some of the marketing apps I love.


7. Chat support

One of the things I value the most from any service I use is the customer service, and Pic-Time offers support service via live chat for both the photographer and the clients. I cannot be happier knowing that my clients will get help if they need it.

pic-time espanol herramientas fotografos lara onac photography